Girl Power Books That Will Change Your Life

I am a BIG fan of books geared toward empowering women, and these three books took the cake. While you may not be a fan of reading I would definitely recommend that you get ahold of these reads.

leave your mark

  1. Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media. by Aliza Licht

Aliza Licht, formally known as DKNY PR GIRL, worked under the one and only Donna Karan, and “rocked” social media. In her book she goes over the DO’S & DON’TS of the fashion world. She goes into important topics such as how to find your niche, landing your dream internship, and expanding your brand to the max. With the help of her novel I gained the confidence to secure my first internship with my local firm straight out of high school! Great read for someone needing a mentor, and a kick of motivation.

have to cry.jpg

2. If You Have to Cry Go Outside and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You

You may recognize Kelly Cutrone as sitting alongside Tyra Banks on “America’s Next Top Model,” but what you may NOT know is that she made her way to the top with little background, and education in fashion. Kelly Cutrone reflects on her life as a girl from a small town who took her chance in New York. In the mix of drugs, sex, and partying she found herself finding her niche in PR. Her story is inspiring, and will give you a different outlook on what you define as “success.”


3. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the weird girl we all admired while simultaneously fears. #GIRLBOSS follows Amoruso on her journey from childhood petty crime to the creation of her vintage shop Nasty Gal. This book is inspiring, quirky, and a great read for anyone who wants to see the fashion world from her unconventional view. I am a self-proclaimed GIRLBOSS after reading this book.

Books open the mind and these books, in particular, will give you the motivation you need to jumpstart your career or follow your dreams.

xoxo, Alena


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